Mahi'ai Culinary Competition 2021

 Join our long list of student winners, and represent your high school in this year's competition.

Stay tuned for highlights from the 2021 Mahi'ai Culinary Competition! To support our rising star student chefs, enter our lucky draw. Donations directly support culinary programs across Oahu, Maui and Hawai'i Island.

This year's Aloun Farms Mahi'ai Culinary Competition featured 11 teams of talented, rising culinary stars, battling for the best dish award.
Due to the change in gathering restrictions, Aloun Farms revamped the competition and canceled its in-person gala to ensure everyone's safety. Please see more information about the event here.
To view this year's unique recipes and dishes and to vote for the ChefZone People's Choice Award, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages. For information on how to give back and enter a lucky draw for up to $15,000 in prizes, click here

Our Competition Coordination Team looks forward to your application by July 25, 2021 at