Ewa Sweet Corn

For Schools, Clubs, Groups & Community Organizations. A Fresh & Healthy Solution for your Fundraising Activities!

Program Details:
- Aloun Farms drops off the sweet corn to one designated site (school class room, church, lead-parent home or group location.
- Your group can have a sweet corn packing party to pre-pack your corn and organize your deliveries/pick-up.
- Your group’s return is 45% or more! Remit payment due to Aloun Farm, Inc.
- Cost one week before scheduled drop-off date.

Recommended Minimum:
- 167 cases per drop off OR 1,000 tickets OR 1,000 Packages.

We will deliver the freshest Ewa Sweet Corn. Ready for your group to pack and distribute. (There are 48 ears per case, you pack 8 ears per bag/6 bags per case.)

USE PRE-SOLD TICKETS - Your Group makes 45% or more profit per bag sold.
- Availability and timing of delivery needs to be coordinated for Freshest Harvest so that your group can schedule delivery/pick-up of Corn for your customers.
- Please allow for variation of actual date of drop off due to crop growing conditions.
- A recommended 3 month advanced booking is required for assurance of availability.

Contact Aloun Farms:
Program Coordinator (808) 677-9516

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